Practice Development

“Tricorders Are Not Sci-Fi Anymore:” Ten Tech Tips for Today’s Clinicians

By Erik Goldman, Editor in Chief

In the near future, we wont just be prescribing drugs, well be prescribing apps, said physician-futurist Daniel Kraft, MD, at the recent NEXT Innovation Summit. Dr. Kraft said that a Star Trek-esque world of tricorder-enabled Dr. McCoys tailoring treatments and tweaking human biology based on real-time physiologic data is already here. Its just not evenly distributed.” Dr. Kraft also reviewed 10 essential tech advances that should be part of any practitioner’s digital tool bag.

Restoring the Therapeutic Alliance

By Amber Vitse, LMT, CN - Vol. 15, No. 1. , 2014

LONG BEACH, CA — A wealth of new practice models are erupting in the field of integrative medicine, as more physicians and other practitioners seek ways of practicing that are more holistic and embracing of all aspects of their patients’ lives.

Bringing the Genomics Revolution Into Patient Care

By Erik Goldman - Vol. 14, No. 3. , 2013

As companies like 23andMe take sophisticated genomic testing directly to the consumer market, a growing number of people are seeking guidance on how to respond to the test results. According to Dr. Deanna Minich, that spells major opportunity for holistically-minded clinicians.

Escape Fire’s Dr. Erin Martin on Reverse-Engineering Healtcare

By Erik Goldman

Holistic physicians often start out by trying to cram things like nutrition counseling, stress management or herbal medicine into conventional care frameworks–with limited success. Erin Martin, DO, a physician profiled in the popular film, Escape Fire, took the opposite route. At her new clinic she made lifestyle-based medicine the core and gradually adds conventional primary care services.