2024 Media Kit

Holistic Primary Care

Your “B2P” Partner in the Practitioner Channel

For the past 24 years, Holistic Primary Care has been a “B2P” partner for innovative companies, linking businesses to medical practitioners and educating the clinical community about health-promoting modalities.

Since October 2000, HPC has been at the leading edge of positive, creative shifts within medicine, educating practitioners about things like probiotics and the microbiome, gluten sensitivity, leaky gut, systemic inflammation, omega-3s, epigenetics, plant-based diets, and the clinical use of herbs.  

As the leading media voice for the nation’s holistic medical professionals, Holistic Primary Care can help YOU to bring your company’s message to our audience of active, open-minded clinicians.  

Holistic Primary Care brings lively, cutting-edge editorial to an audience of ~60,000 medical professionals— that’s 2–3 times more than any other practitioner- focused media in the holistic/functional medicine field. And we do it at the lowest cost-per-thousand rates!

We also offer a wide range of digital marketing options.

Make HPC your company’s B2P partner in 2024

Electronically and in print, we can help you connect with the practitioners who are reshaping the nation’s healthcare systems. Find out how!

Give us a call at 212 406 8957 or email: Erik@holisticprimarycare.net

We look forward to working with you.