Fraudulent Research Floods Nutrition Field, Corroding Credibility

By Erik Goldman, Editor

The proliferation of fraudulent clinical research has reached epidemic proportions, creating a major headache for practitioners. There were roughly 10,000 fraudulent papers retracted by medical journals last year, the highest number on record. While the problem affects all areas of medicine, the field of nutrition is especially vulnerable (Image: PeopleImages–Yuri A/Shutterstock)

Good medical practice is based on trust.

Patients trust that practitioners are knowledgeable, and that they use their knowledge intheir patients’ best interests. In turn, practitioners trust that researchers run their studies honestly, and that editors and peer-reviewers of the medical journals carefully scrutinize the papers they receive, sift out the garbage, and only publish studies that pass clinical, statistical, and ethical muster. 

Research itself is also a trust proposition. From the lead investigators who design trials, and the Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) that approve them, to the research assistants and post-doctoral fellows who crunch the data, and the authors who write and submit the papers, there’s a thread of trust that depends on the right people doing the right things at each point along the path.

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Hibiscus & Lemon Verbena: Herbal Allies for BP Regulation

Written by Jonathan Jones, PhD, Contributing Writer

Hibiscus sabdariffa (hibiscus) and Lippia citriodora (lemon verbena) are two polyphenol-rich botanicals that, when combined, can act synergistically to regulate blood pressure. Oxidative stress, a key factor in the development and progression of hypertension, can lead to vascular damage and atherosclerosis. Mitigating oxidative stress is, therefore, an important aspect of managing hypertension. Natural polyphenols, like […]

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FDA Increases Oversight of Diagnostic Tests

Written by Erik Goldman, Editor

The Food and Drug Administration has issued new rules aimed at bolstering the agency’s oversight and regulation of the diagnostic testing field. Specifically, the FDA is taking aim at Laboratory-Developed Tests (LDTs), which are defined as in vitro medical tests designed, manufactured, and processed by a single clinical laboratory. Historically, LDTs were unique, highly targeted […]

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HPC Video

IBS & Osteoporosis - The BMP Connection

Written by Erik Goldman

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Osteoporosis are two of the most common conditions that integrative practitioners see among their patients. These disorders are actually related.

The common factor? Bone Morphogenic Proteins (BMPs)—a group of cytokines that play important roles in bone and joint homeostasis as well as in GI mucosal integrity.

In this free webinar, Cynthia Worden, DO, will explore the connections between IBS and Osteoporosis, and share new insights into the dual role of Bone Morphogenic Proteins in supporting patients with GI and bone health issues.

She’ll also describe her clinical experience with Ostinol®–the only BMP-complex available for oral supplementation.

During this webinar, you’ll learn about: 

  • The epidemiological relationship between IBS and Osteoporosis—and the rising rates of both conditions
  • The discovery of BMPs, their structure, and their function within Demineralized Bone Matrix
  • Mechanisms of action and observed clinical impact of BMPs
  • The practical benefits of BMPs in supporting patients with IBS and Osteoporosis
  • Case studies & clinical experience with Cyplexinol® Musculoskeletal Regenerative Nutrition

SPONSORED BY Regenerative Tissue Sciences, the professional sales division of ZyCal Bioceuticals Healthcare Co., Inc.

Cynthia Worden, DO, MSHPE, IFMCP earned her medical degree at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA in 2004. She also completed a teaching fellowship in Osteopathic Manipulation, a Master’s in Health Professions Education, and a Doctorate in Osteopathy.  Dr. Worden completed her Internship and Osteopathic Family Medicine residency training at Downey Regional Medical Center.

Following her training, she practiced Integrative Family Medicine at Creekside Family Practice in Portland, OR, for 10 years.  After discovering functional medicine, Dr. Worden realized it held many of the answers to her patient’s chronic medical conditions. She became a Certified Practitioner with the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFMCP) in 2016, after which she founded Bloom Functional Medicine in 2018.

Like many who practice functional medicine, Dr. Worden has faced her own health issues: Hashimoto’s and Crohn’s disease. Consequently, she has first-hand knowledge of how these conditions affect overall health and well-being. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her family and friends, and to continue her learning. She loves to cook, read, kayak, ski, hike, and travel.

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