Is Echinacea Antiviral? It Depends

By Erik Goldman

Extracts of Echinacea can inhibit the replication of some viral pathogens, while enhancing the growth of others. (Image: bez_betelky/Shutterstock)

Echinacea is consistently among the top selling herbal supplements in the US, and has been for decades. Many people take it as a go-to remedy for respiratory infections such as influenza and rhinovirus, and for general immune system support.

It’s no surprise that sales of this popular herb jumped by more than 50% in the wake of the COVID pandemic, and remain robust. 

But, is Echinacea truly antiviral?

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Restore Immune Tolerance and Optimize Health with Nature’s pHarmacy

Written by Erik Goldman

A healthy immune system naturally regulates between defense and repair. But when confronted by unrelenting challenges, it becomes overburdened and the repair functions take a back seat to defense. The result is a “repair deficit” characterized by chronic inflammation—a well-recognized cause and amplifier of chronic disease.

When defense takes precedence over repair, intestinal permeability usually ensues, setting the stage for increased susceptibility to chronic infection, autoimmune reactions, and degenerative illness. Delayed or late-phase sensitivities to food and chemical triggers also contribute to chronic low-grade systemic inflammation. 

With the world coming out of the COVID pandemic, there is a pressing need to focus on the state of the immune system.

In this free webinar, Dr. Russell Jaffe will bring much-needed clarity to this complex picture, sharing insights on which cells to look at, and which high-sensitivity tests are most informative. He will also outline the principles of Nature’s pHarmacy—an approach to personalized nutrition and guided lifestyle change that improves acid/alkaline balance and allows the innate immune system to flourish, quell inflammation, restore, and repair.  

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the role of inflammation and repair deficit as underlying causes for practically all chronic conditions.
  • Recognize the value of T lymphocytes and their role in influencing immune health.
  • Learn about high-sensitivity assessment techniques including tests for detecting delayed hypersensitivities.
  • Learn how to choose the right foods and nutrients to create an acid/alkaline balance for optimum gut and immune repair.

SPONSORED BY PERQUE Integrative Health

Russell M. Jaffe, MD, PhD, CCN has more than 40 years of experience in molecular biology and clinical diagnostics. He has pioneered “lymphocyte tests of immune function and hypersensitivity” and is focused on providing functional, predictive tests and procedures to improve diagnostic precision and treatment outcomes. He received his MD and PhD degrees from the Boston University School of Medicine, and completed residency training in clinical chemistry at the National Institutes of Health before starting the Health Studies Collegium think tank and PERQUE Integrative Health, LLC, a company that offers scientifically-proven integrative health solutions that speed the transition from sick care to healthful caring. 

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