Our Mission

Holisticprimarycare.net provides health-conscious readers and health care professionals with a credible source of scientifically-sound information on natural medicine and holistic health care. The site is an online extension of Holistic Primary Care-News for Health & Healing, a print publication that reaches roughly 60,000 physicians nationwide. It features a vast archive of articles published in the print version of Holistic Primary Care since its launch in October 2000, along with late-breaking news and many other online special features.

By simultaneously serving both the medical community and the general public, we are helping to put doctors and their patients on the same page about natural and preventive medicine. In doing so, we hope we are helping to heal the patient-practitioner relationship to the benefit of all.

We are proud to be entering our third decade, and look forward to serving health-seekers for years to come!

Meg Sinclair, Publisher & Co-Founder

Meg Sinclair developed an interest in holistic health care at an early age, under the influence of her mother, a home economics teacher with a strong interest in natural foods and nutrition. Meg moved from Michigan to the San Francisco Bay area where she began a serious study of aikido, energy awareness, and meditation. While in San Francisco, she became familiar with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, making them part of her personal approach to health maintenance. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in piano and composition from Mills College, Oakland, CA where she studied with Terry Riley. Since settling in  New York City, she has continued her studies of music, Yi Jin Jing and other mind-body practices, meditation and sacred dance while being an accompanist for many leading dance companies in NYC. Holistic Primary Care grew out of her desire to create a positive influence on health care in the US, and to promote holistic approaches to health and healing.
Contact Meg at: Meg@Holisticprimarycare.net

Goldman Headshot 2019Erik Goldman, Editor & Co-Founder

Erik L. Goldman began his career as a medical journalist in 1985, after graduating from the State University of New York, Binghamton with a dual bachelor’s degree in biology and philosophy. From 1990 to 2000, he was the New York Bureau Chief for International Medical News Group, a division of Elsevier Health Sciences, that publishes independent specialty-oriented medical newspapers. Prior to joining IMNG, he worked as a freelance medical writer and editor on a diverse spectrum of projects and publications, ranging from pharmaceutical marketing campaigns and to medical atlases and academic medical text books (J. Willis Hurst’s Ventricular Electrocardiography, and Fireman & Slavin’s Atlas of Allergies.) He has had a longstanding interest in music, depth psychology, religion, ecology, and indigenous healing traditions. Holistic Primary Care arose out of these interests, and in response to the observation that most conventionally-trained physicians are in need of better education about holistic practices in order to better serve their patients.
Contact Erik at: Erik@Holisticprimarycare.net