Practice Development

Bring a Little PEACE to Your Practice

By Erik Goldman

A five-step method called the PEACE Process, developed by Heal Thy Practice speaker, Miriam Zacharias, can help clinicians develop thriving integrative practices, “without losing your shirt, your sanity, or your soul!”

The Concierge Journey: Tips for Successful Transition

By Erik Goldman

The concierge model is a great option for physicians seeking more control over their personal and professional lives. But it won’t cure financial woes overnight, says Marcela Dominguez, MD, a featured speaker at HPC’s upcoming Heal Thy Practice conference.

Covering Your Ass(ets): Wealth Protection for Clinicians

By Erik Goldman

Many health care practitioners have no clue how vulnerable their assets may be. But a few simple, inexpensive steps can make a world of difference in terms of asset protection, according to Michael Gaeta, LAc, a featured speaker at HPC’s upcoming Heal Thy Practice conference.

Crowd-Sourcing Health: The Intersection of Social-Media and Medicine

By Sarah Showalter, Contributing Writer

In a world where free Wi-Fi and portable handheld devices give us access to a technologically enabled collective-consciousness, practitioners and patients alike are able to tap an unprecedented amount of published research, expert opinion, and anecdotal experience. There’s no doubt that the social media revolution is influencing healthcare—for better and for worse!

Tired of “McMedicine?” Heal Thy Practice Will Highlight Paths to Healthier Healthcare

By Erik Goldman - Vol. 13, No. 3. , 2012

Now, more than ever, it’s essential to come to grips with the business aspects of health care–especially if you want to practice holistically. Holistic Primary Care’s fourth annual Heal Thy Practice conference, Nov 9-11, 2012, is primed to help you meet today’s challenges with practical, field-ready strategies for implementing holistic modalities, strengthening your fiscal health, and delivering a genuine healing experience.

Heal Thy Practice 2012 to Highlight “Lessons Learned” from Leading Integrative Clinics

By Janet Gulland,, Contributing Writer - Vol. 13, No. 2. , 2012

A thriving, economically-viable integrative practice is the dream of many clinicians. Reaching that ideal can be very challenging. Fortunately, road maps are emerging from holistic clinics, large and small, all over the country.  HPC’s fourth annual Heal Thy Practice conference at the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel, Nov. 9-11, 2012, will provide a valuable opportunity to learn from clinicians who’ve found ways to create and maintain healthy and health-centric practices.


Dietitians vs. Nutritionists: Licensure Battles Underscore Growth of the Field

By Kristen Schepker, Contributing Writer - Vol. 13, No. 2. , 2012

As more Americans seek professional nutrition guidance, a contentious turf battle has heated up between registered dietitians and other non-RD nutrition counsellors. RD organizations in several states are pushing for legislation that would restrict practice of nutrition counseling only to those professionals who meet RD credentials.