Root Causes in Bone & Joint Health: The Growth Factor Paradigm

Bone and joint health are often reduced to simplistic suggestions, like “take calcium,” “eat more dairy,” or “take something to build collagen.”

But there is so much more to it. Bone is a living, metabolically active tissue in a reciprocal relationship with the joints, and connective tissues.

In this FREE webinar, David Craig, NMD, will share a growth factor paradigm for restoring bone and joint health based on the use of Bone Morphogenic Proteins (BMPs).

Drawing from his decades of clinical experience as a naturopathic physician, as well as his own personal quest to better understand the key factors influencing health and disease, Dr. Craig will explain how BMPs can address the root causes of poor bone/joint health.

During this webinar, you’ll learn about: 

  • The root causes of bone health – beyond minerals
  • The key determinant of joint health – beyond supplementation 
  • The growth-factor connection – essential stem-cell signals
  • A growth-factor paradigm for regenerative medicine utilizing Bone Morphogenic Proteins (BMPs)

SPONSORED BY Regenerative Tissue Sciences, the professional sales division of ZyCal Bioceuticals Healthcare Co., Inc

David Craig, NMD earned his doctorate in naturopathic medicine at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine. This 8-year training program included the internships and ER rotations in conventional allopathic clinics, and classes taught by professors from Yale Medical School, along with intensive education on natural therapies. He has been in private practice for 22 years, specializing in endocrinology, immunology, chronic fatigue syndrome, nutrition counseling, and the identification and mitigation of environmental triggers that can cause the body to become unhealthy.

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