“Next-Generation” Microbes & Probiotics for Metabolic & Immune Health

The gut microbiome exerts profound influence on immunological and metabolic health.  

Recent research points to two “next generation” microbes– Akkermansia muciniphila and Faecalibacterium prausnitzii –as especially important metabolically and immunologically. In healthy people, these organisms are plentiful.  But they are found at much lower levels in people with obesity and other metabolic and inflammatory diseases.  

There’s a strong clinical rationale for increasing the levels of Akkermansia and Faecalibacterium. But these next generation microbes do not tolerate oxygen well, and are not available as probiotics (exogenously administered, live microbes with strain-specific, disease-specific clinical benefits).  

Until now, there were few options for augmenting these important organisms.  

But a new study shows that a probiotic strain called Bifidobacterium lactis B420—itself metabolically active—can raise levels of Akkermansia in individuals with overweight or obesity.  Further, an eight-strain probiotic combination was found to raise levels of both A. mucinophila and F. prausnitzii

In this free webinar, Noelle Patno, PhD, explores the role of Akkermansia and Faecalibacterium in human metabolic and immunologic health, and review the emerging science on application of probiotics like B. lactis B420 to augment the levels of these vital “next generation” microbes. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Review microbiome associations with immune and metabolic health 
  • Identify endogenous next-generation microbes as biomarkers of health 
  • Explain the clinical trial on B. lactis B420 related to obesity and Akkermansia  
  • Cover published evidence on eight probiotic strains, their mechanisms,and clinical data
  • Describe a pilot study on an eight-strain probiotic combination

This webinar is co-sponsored by HOWARU® probiotics and the Metagenics Institute.

Noelle Patno, PhD, holds a doctorate in Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition from the University of Chicago. She began her career as an engineer at Abbott Laboratories after graduating as a chemical engineer from Stanford University with honors and with distinction. Her prior experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device world spanned research & development, supply chain and project management, and international technology transfer. Her current role as Therapeutic Platform Lead at Metagenics includes researching new ingredients, primarily probiotics and prebiotics, designing clinical trials, and developing educational content on digestive and immune health.

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