Tasty Recipes for a Late-Winter Immune Boost

Looking for easy—and tasty—ways to help your patient raise their folate, potassium and Vitamin C levels, elevate their Vitamin D, and increase their intake of immune-boosting phytochemicals?

The Institute for Natural Medicine’s colorful new e-book, Winter Weather Foods for Immune Support, is an excellent place to start.

Packed with simple and mouth-watering mostly vegan recipes and fun food facts (Did you know that cutting broccoli and allowing it to rest for 40 minutes before cooking will raise its sulforaphane content?) this free guide is perfect for people looking to give their home cooking some extra late-winter nutritional punch.

Lovingly compiled and edited by INM’s founder, Michelle Simon, ND, and beautifully illustrated, this little book provides plenty of inspiration along with its easy-to-fix recipes. All the dishes feature widely available ingredients well-recognized for their high vitamin content, and their immune enhancing properties.  

Each recipe comes with interesting little informational tidbits about the ingredients and how best to prepare them. And there are some interesting ingredient substitutions, like the vegan Cream of Mushroom soup, which gains its creamy texture from slow-cooked cauliflower instead of dairy.

There’s even a recipe for hot chocolate turbo-charged with immune-boosting mushroom powder.

Winter Weather Foods is the first in a new series of food-as-medicine e-books that will be published by INM in the months to come.

The Institute for Natural Medicine is a non-profit organization committed to transforming healthcare in the US “by increasing both public awareness of naturopathic medicine and access to naturopathic doctors for patients.” The group is founded on the premise that the principles and practices of naturopathy have the potential to stem the tide of chronic diseases, and to empower people to move toward optimum health and wellbeing.


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