The Biochemistry of Longevity: How to Supplement for Age Optimization

Cumulative research in the area of longevity points to a handful of key biochemical pathways that regulate the aging process, and influence the level of health people maintain as they age. These lines of research also show how targeted plant compounds and nutraceuticals that can positively influence these pathways. 

In this free webinar, Dr. Christopher Shade introduces the Longevity Wheel–a comprehensive age management model that accounts for the following biochemical pathways:

AMPK activation to regulate metabolic health and flexibility, autophagy, and lipolysis

NAD+ production to regulate energy metabolism, mitochondrial density, and DNA repair

Sirtuin activation to regulate DNA repair, cell signaling, energy metabolism, and inflammatory responses

Telomerase activity for healthy gene expression and cellular aging

• Cellular senescence to manage senescent cells 

HPA Axis support for stress resilience and fortification of the adrenal cortex

Dr. Shade also discusses the targeted plant compounds and nutraceuticals necessary for each spoke of the Longevity Wheel, and how to increase absorption and bioavailability of these compounds for age optimization.

You’ll learn about:

  • The key biochemical pathways, molecules, and mechanisms that impact aging
  • The Longevity Wheel, a comprehensive age management model
  • The plant compounds and nutrients needed to successfully target each spoke of the wheel through supplementation
  • How nanoparticle delivery systems solve the problem of low bioavailability


Christopher Shade, PhD, is founder and CEO of Quicksilver Scientific. Dr. Shade’s vast depth and breadth of knowledge, passion for healing, and intuitive understanding of chemistry and biology are reflected in Quicksilver Scientific’s well-designed detoxification protocols, unique supplement delivery systems, and patented mercury speciation test. 

Dr. Shade earned his PhD from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and his undergraduate degree in Environmental Chemistry is from Lehigh University.

He is a recognized expert on mercury and liposomal delivery systems. He has lectured and trained doctors in the US and internationally on the subject of mercury, heavy metals, and the human detoxification system. Dr. Shade’s current focus is on the development of cutting-edge, lipid-based delivery systems for nutraceuticals to address the growing need for high-quality, affordable detoxification solutions.

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