Escape From McMedicine

Six years ago I left my job and invited my community to design an ideal medical clinic (See Want an Ideal Clinic? Ask Your Community).  I’m not alone. Thousands of physicians across America have opened more ideal, patient-centered practices.  

Would we ever go back? Nope. Never. But from what did we actually escape?
I hosted an “antonym contest” among hundreds of physician survivors to find out.

What’s the reverse of patient-centered care? What’s the opposite of an ideal clinic? Here’s what docs who got away report they’ll never try again:

Assembly-line Medicine  
Production-driven Healthcare
Meat Market Medicine
Drive-by Office Visits
Take a Number
Cattle Car Clinic
Jiffy Lube
4077 MASH
Revolving Door Practice
Freeze Dried Med
One Size Fits None
(Sams) Club Med
Grossly IMPersonal  
“Here’s some meds, now get out” medicine   
Premature Consultation
Treadmill Medicine   
Boot Camp Medicine
Primarily Don’t Care Provider
The Doctor-Patient Unrelationship
The  “Please-stand-behind-our-bottom-line” Clinic.
Shrink-wrapped Care
What Drive$ our Care?
We Provide: You Survive.
Hamster Wheel Medicine

And the winner? Fifty bucks goes to Rosalia Leite-Evans M.D. of Palm Beach, Florida for “Treadmill Medicine.” A big thank you to Rosalia and all the other docs who are demonstrating how to get off the treadmill and care for our patients—and ourselves.

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