Heal Thy Practice: Couldn’t Join Us in Charlotte? – Let “Heal Thy Practice” Come to You. Listen to the 2010 Faculty at Your Convenience

Recordings from our 2010 Conference available this Summer

Our second annual Heal Thy Practice conference in Charlotte, NC, featured some of the nation’s pioneers of new models for prevention-focused primary care. Learn how you can transform your practice so it supports your deepest values and delivers optimal health care for your patients.

J. David Forbes, MD: A Better Day – Re-envisioning Your Practice & Re-kindling Your Enthusiasm
Frustrated physicians can usually identify the many things that are “wrong” with their practices. It’s sometimes a lot harder to key in on the personal factors that led to the current mess, and to re-envision one’s practice so it better reflects one’s core values & highest aspirations. Drawing on his own journey toward creating a heart-centered holistic practice, Dr. Forbes will lead off this year’s conference with a session to help you reconnect with the original spark that moved you to a career of service and healing. He will then share tips for re-envisioning your practice so that it nurtures that spark.

Nancy O’Brien: Self-Care: The Foundation of a Healthy, Resilient & Successful Medical Practice
Recent research reveals that the best practice management starts with self care. A medical practice reflects the health & well being of the physicians & health care professionals working there. Learn practical tips gathered from new research that you and your staff can immediately apply to optimize your own health, improve your clinical outcomes, and create a healing environment in your clinic.

Patrick Hanaway, MD, President-Elect ABIHM: Functional Medicine: A Transformative Model for Primary Care
Functional medicine, a system of care that focuses on identifying core metabolic imbalances that underlie various disease conditions, and treating them through nutritional, environmental and psychosocial interventions, represents a powerful and transformative model for primary care. Dr. Hanaway, a respected thought leader in the field, will outline the cornerstone principles of functional medicine & share insights on how it works on a practical, day-to-day level in his clinic.

Terry McGeeney, MD, CEO TransforMED: Practical Steps for Transforming Your Practice into a PCMH
The Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model, advocated by leading corporations & the major primary care physicians’ organizations, promises significant increased revenue to doctors who provide comprehensive, high-quality, preventive care. But qualifying for Medical Home status can be a big challenge. In his keynote, Dr. McGeeney, a leader of the medical home movement, will describe the benefits of PCMH & outline steps doctors can take to prepare their practices to meet PCMH criteria.

Brian Forrest, MD: Keeping it Simple: Return to Fee-for-Service and Low Overhead Practice
Learn how to reduce your overhead, improve your patient care, implement preventive strategies, increase your professional satisfaction, and maybe even reduce your malpractice premiums, all by opting out of insurance based medicine & moving to a direct pay model, like the one pioneered by Dr. Brian Forrest at his renowned Access Health clinic. Dr. Forrest and his Access Healthcare model were the subjects of a recent cover story in Medical Economics.

Steven Masley, MD, FAAFP: Cutting Edge Nutrition for Primary Care Physicians
Good nutrition is a fundamental element of good health, and it can have profound benefits in preventing & treating common disorders. Nutrition counseling ought to be a cornerstone of primary care. Physician & nutritionist Dr. Masley will teach simple but highly effective nutritional interventions every doctor should know.

Steven Masley, MD, FAAFP: A Business Model for Nutrition Based Medicine
In the second part of his talk, Dr. Masley outlines how to assess nutritional intake, how to manage chronic medical conditions with nutrition counseling, and his practice model for scheduling and billing for nutrition consultations, with or without insurance plan participation.

Toni Bark, MD: Holistic Medicine in Hell- An Integrative Physician’s Experience in Haiti
Many people think of holistic health care as the stuff of spas, the province of the privileged. Yet nutritional support, homeopathic remedies, physical manipulation modalities and “energy” techniques like therapeutic electro-stimulation, are having profound positive effects among survivors of last winter’s devastating earthquake in Haiti. Toni Bark, MD, an integrative medical doctor and homeopath in Evanston, IL, will describe her recent healing missions to Haiti’s refugee camps and tent cities where she’s been providing nutritional interventions, homeopathy, and rehabilitative support with an innovative electro-stimulation system called Scenar.

Karen Smith, MD FAAFP: Surviving a RAC Audit:
A Clinician’s Experience

Dr. Smith will describe her RAC Audit “inquisition,” outline the steps she took to fight for herself and her patients, and offer hard-won advice on how you can minimize your risk of being audited, and how to defend yourself if auditors do come a’knockin’

William D. Lee, MD: Concierge Practice: The MDVIP Experience
The “concierge” model is increasingly popular across the country, enabling doctors to spend in-depth quality time with patients, eliminating insurance-based bureaucracy, slimming overhead & facilitating the therapeutic alliance. After nearly 3 decades in insurance-based family practice, Dr. Lee made the switch & has never been happier! He will describe the process of conversion, the fundamentals of the concierge model, and his own experience in both practice frameworks.

David Nace MD, CMO McKesson Health: Current and Future Directions in Health Information Technology
The field of electronic medical records & health information technology has been expanding at a dizzying rate, fueled by Federal incentives of more than $40,000 per practice per year for doctors who gear up & digitize their practices. Yet physicians find it very challenging to choose the right systems from the vast, ever-changing array of options. Dr. Nace, one of the nation’s leaders in health informatics, will give an overview of the technology, the policies, and the IT possibilities that will shape primary care.

Grace L. Keenan, MD, Founder/Director, NOVA Medical Group: Nuts & Bolts of Health IT Implementation
Electronic medical records and other health information tools hold great promise to improve patient care, facilitate communication, increase practice efficiency, and save money. Yet selecting the right systems and implementing them correctly is a huge challenge for primary care physicians. Benefit from the many lessons Dr. Keenan learned on her IT odyssey.

Daniel J Lynch: President, VisionBridge: Medically-Integrated Health & Fitness Centers: A Good “Fit” for Primary Care
Medically-guided fitness centers, in which doctors oversee comprehensive exercise protocols, and fitness coaches function AS physician-extenders, hold great promise for improving health especially in the elderly and others who are averse to joining commercial gyms. These centers can also create healthy new revenue streams for primary care.

Alan Dumoff, JD, MSW: Medicolegal Issues in
Integrative Mediciine
The more you know about federal and state statutes on the practice of integrative medicine, the more you’ll be able to protect yourself against malpractice suits and state board disciplinary actions. Mr. Dumoff, who specializes in defending and counseling integrative/holistic doctors, shares insights on key issues like: scope of practice, informed consent, proper documentation of “unconventional” therapies, Medicare opt-out rules, malpractice coverage, privacy & HIPAA, responding to state medical board inquiries, and new & emerging case law.

Jacquelyne Small, LMSW: Therapeutic Communication: Optimizing Outcomes While Reducing Legal Risk
Studies of physician-patient communication have identified 10 personality traits that naturally correlate with therapeutic communication; they have also shown that doctors who “come from the heart” rarely, if ever, get sued. Based on her bestselling books, Becoming Naturally Therapeutic, and Improving Your Bedside Manner, noted psychologist Jaquelyne Small, will guide you back to your healing roots by showing you how to use these natural human traits in simple, short therapeutic exchanges with patients.

Sonia Rapaport MD: The Power of Narrative in Medical Practice: Creating the Practice That Is Right For You
“We need to look beyond our patients’ words, and also our own. Illness is metaphor, and metaphors are maps.” The Practice of medicine is a unique combination of science and storytelling. Medical training certainly emphasizes the science part, but in practice, it’s the storytelling that guides everything you do in your clinic.

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