Hormone Replacement Therapy & Bone Health: Cyplexinol Nutritional Support

On average, women’s bone density decreases by 10% during the five years of menopause, due to changes in estrogen. While Hormone Replacement Therapy offers support in maintaining bone health, there can be a precipitous loss when women discontinue HRT.

Along with the decline in estrogen, there is a concurrent 40% drop in production of bone-stimulating Growth Factor Proteins in the menopausal period, which can lead to dysregulation of bone remodeling.

While HRT is well-established for estrogen support, there’s a largely unmet need to address this decline of key endogenous Growth Factor Proteins such as Bone Morphogenetic Proteins.

In this free webinar, women’s health expert Jaquel Patterson, ND, will explore how a nutraceutical called Cyplexinol®–a patented growth factor complex with bone and cartilage stimulating proteins–can be used support HRT protocols.

Discover how the age-related decreases in estrogen and Growth Factor Proteins affect women’s bone health, and the nutritional interventions you can provide.


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