Supporting Whole-Body Health During Menopause: The Latest Research & Holistic Approaches

In this webinar, Cory Ambrose, ND, MAT presents the latest research on how to guide your patients through menopause. She discusses the physiological changes that occur during this time, with special attention to the interactions between estrogen and various neurotransmitter systems.

We will highlight well-researched, novel phytonutrients to help support healthy hormone and vasomotor balance. These include: spruce lignans, gamma-oryzanol, taurine, and genistein. We will also explore the importance of nutritional status, neurotransmitter balance, microbial health, digestion and elimination, sleep, and stress management during this life stage.

Key Learning Objectives: 

  • To understand the physiology of menopause from a holistic perspective
  • Identify micronutrients and botanicals that support the whole body before and during menopause. This includes sleep & stress management, digestion and elimination, nutritional status, and sexual health
  • Highlight several novel phytonutrients important for healthy hormone balance and vasomotor support (including spruce lignans, gamma oryzanol, genistein)
  • Understand the role of the vaginal, GI, and oral microbiomes during this life stage


Cory Ambrose, ND, MAT is a Naturopathic Doctor, Educator, and Clinical Science Writer, and is a proud alum of New York University, Bastyr University, and Relay GSE. Dr. Ambrose’s work was shortlisted for the 2021 Digital Education Awards. Dr. Cory is located in Washington state and loves birds, soccer, and reading.

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