Medical Economics Cover Story Features Heal Thy Practice Conference Chairman

January 25, 2010—Dr. Brian Forrest, program chairman for Holistic Primary Care’s upcoming Heal Thy Practice conference, is featured on the cover of  the Jan. 22 edition of Medical Economics, the nation’s leading publication on the business aspects of medical practice.

The article, part of MedEc’s “Practicing Excellence” series, profiles Dr. Forrest’s innovative, low-overhead, cash-only practice, where he provides 50-minute office visits at fees even families with modest means can afford.

The key? Eliminate the insurance overhead!

“What’s gone wrong in medicine is we’ve assumed the burdens of overhead that the insurance companies should have. It’s bureaucracy and administrative costs that they caused, yet it’s on our payroll,” he tells MedEc reporter, Morgan Lewis, Jr.

James Sweeney, editor in chief of MedEc, read by nearly 200,000 doctors, notes that Dr. Forrest is living every primary care physician’s dream: regular hours, satisfied patients, minimal paperwork, no third party headaches, freedom to focus on patients’ real needs, and time for life outside the office.

Dr. Forrest was the undisputed hit of HPC’s 2009 Heal Thy Practice conference in Tucson. We are honored that he agreed to head our 2010 conference, and we are delighted that Medical Economics has recognized his efforts to improve patient care in his community. Congratulations, Brian! […Read full article]





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