Roby Mitchell, MD

Infection or Overgrowth?

By Roby Mitchell, MD (aka "Dr. Fitt")

Many people–including many physicians–are confused about the difference between an infection with a disease-causing pathogen, and an overgrowth of a normally harmless member of the microbial ecosystem that becomes harmful when it grows out of proportion. This distinction is important for shaping rational treatment plans.

The Cure for “Listeria Hysteria?” Strengthening Innate Defenses!

By Roby Mitchell, MD (aka "Dr. Fitt")

All this “Listeria Hysteria” that followed the reports of contaminated cantaloupe reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode. We’re destroying a relatively healthy food by the ton, issuing dire warnings about deadly pathogens, and generally scaring an already scared public, all without taking stock of what’s really going on. I don’t mean to downplay the […]


By Erik Goldman

It’s salty, sweet, and very seductive. It promises pleasure, but delivers disease. It’s ubiquitous, and it’s corrupting the very health of our country. I’m talking about Cornography. The slick and sleazy marketing of “foods” and beverages made out of genetically-modified corn, corn syrup, corn meal, and other refined forms of corn. This crap is stacked […]

Reducing Pesticide Exposure Should be a Medical Priority

By Erik Goldman

It is really important to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in our diets, and to encourage our patients to do likewise. Unfortunately, though, we need to be mindful of the toxins that contaminate even the healthiest of foods. Pesticides & fungicides have become ubiquitous in our environment. Crops these days are heavily sprayed […]

Going Against the Grain

By Administrator

Internally, your body houses an ecosystem that contains more microbes than human cells. This is normal, or at least common. You don’t express disease from these “germs” as long as their numbers are kept in check. But if they are given an environmental edge, they will overgrow and cause disease. Acne, for instance, is caused […]