It’s salty, sweet, and very seductive. It promises pleasure, but delivers disease. It’s ubiquitous, and it’s corrupting the very health of our country.

I’m talking about Cornography. The slick and sleazy marketing of “foods” and beverages made out of genetically-modified corn, corn syrup, corn meal, and other refined forms of corn. This crap is stacked head-high in supermarkets, in brightly colored packages designed by brand scientists who know exactly how to tap peoples’ primal desires—especially those of children and teenagers.

It is cheap as dirt because its not real food.

Everywhere you go, there are lascivious junk food ads and wrappers promising fun & fulfillment, comfort & coolness. Whatever your pleasure, there’s a corn-based product that’ll give it to you.

Corno1jpegLook at this photo of a typical snackfood vending machine, one of literally millions to be found in schools, offices, work sites—even hospitals and clinics– throughout the country. This is hardcore “corno!”

It looks like you have so many choices. You don’t. All these dazzling  delicacies are more or less genetically-modified corn, wheat, or peanuts mixed with artificial flavor enhancers and preservatives. Hogs are fed better than people who eat this stuff regularly.

Do an interesting exercise and look up all the food products made from corn. Then compare that to the labels in your pantry. Corn is heavily subsidized by the government, as are wheat and peanuts. They pay to make unhealthy food cheaper than fresh produce. You can’t have a “dollar menu” using real food. And if you eat a diet based on this stuff, you are going to be sick and need to be drugged for a host of chronic diseases.

If you have children or grandchildren, you should be particularly concerned as these “foods” and the insidious marketing of them is aborting the lives of young children; kids today are developing chronic degenerative diseases once seen only in late adulthood, and on average they’re going to have shorter lifespans than their parents and grandparents. Corno2

I highly recommend seeking out sources of real food. Start a garden of your own or together with neighbors. Get your produce from local growers. Find a local dairy that sells raw milk. Find a source of hormone/antibiotic free meat/ chicken.

Most of all, stay away from the Corno!

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