WEBINAR: COVID–The Big Picture: A Live Interview with Gladys Taylor McGarey, MD

COVID Big Picture Gladys


The COVID crisis has had tremendous impact on all of our lives, and the shockwaves will be felt for months to come.  From a medical perspective, there hasn’t been anything like it in the US for a century.

As virologists work to understand this pathogen, and front-line clinicians scramble to save lives, many other people are wrestling with profound questions:

  • Why is COVID the spark that triggered a global economic pause?
  • How is this crisis unique from others?
  • Are our responses rational and effective?
  • What is COVID showing us about our healthcare system, our social relationships, and our ways of living?
  • What can we learn from the current situation and how do we move forward toward a more sane, humane world?

Few people are better able to bring clear vision and hard-won wisdom to these questions than Dr. Gladys Taylor McGarey.

Still strong and vital at 99, Dr. McGarey lived through the Great Depression, WWII, the Cold War, the cultural upheavals of the 60s and 70s, and countless medical crises in her long and storied career.

Dr. McGarey is widely recognized as the Mother of Holistic Medicine. She was among the first American physicians to introduce spirituality into medical practice, to utilize modalities like acupuncture, and to speak about the essential role of love in the healing process. Back in the 70s, she co-founded the American Holistic Medical Association (now called the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine)

She practiced holistic family medicine in Scottsdale, AZ, for more than 60 years, and now continues her work via the Foundation for Living Medicine.

Join Holistic Primary Care’s editor, Erik Goldman, for this special live interview with one of the world’s true visionaries, as she sheds her light on the current crisis and offers perspectives for individual and global healing.

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