How to Find a Good Hypnotherapist

Medical Hypnosis is an emerging profession, and unfortunately the number of practitioners in the US is still limited.

Because the profession is small, good practitioners can be hard to find. The situation is further compounded by the fact that there are no states with licensure laws governingIntl Board Hypnotherapy the practice of hypnosis.

There are a number of certifications and credentials, but none is officially recognized.

But there are some clues that can help guide the search, says Lisa Ludovici, a medical hypnotist in New York who works closely with mainstream physicians. (See Medical Hypnosis: Unlocking the Healing Pharmacy Within.)

“Find someone who has deep education. A minimum of 400 in-person initial hours of training.”

Some practitioners will claim that they underwent training for two years, but very little of that time was in-person with experienced instructors and real patients.

Ludovici says the Hypnotherapy Academy of America offers serious intensive in-person training. “I went for 500 in-person hours in 10 weeks. It was like two and a half years of college in 10 weeks.”

There are several certifying bodies that offer credentials for hypnotists, including the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners and the International Board of Hypnotherapy.

Ludovici recommends seeking practitioners who are certified by a board that requires a minimum of 400 hours training, and who have specific training in medical hypnosis.

It is also a good idea to ask about liability insurance. Though hypnosis is extremely safe, and very unlikely to cause any adverse effects, it is a sign of commitment and professionalism to carry liability insurance.



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