Resetting the Table: Thanksgiving Rituals for Healing Family History

By Erik Goldman

“Taking the Brokenness of the Past to Create the Whole Future” –an Earth mandala by Miriam Rubin. North Woods of Central Park, NYC (Lenapehoking territory), Nov 21, 2020. All materials found within 10 feet of the location.

“Nations, like individuals, have myths rooted deep in their histories– myths that are always contradicted by their complex realities.” –Parker Palmer – Healing the Heart of Democracy

“Is there any relevant family history?”

It’s one of the first questions that doctors ask new patients, and with good reason: a person’s family history often gives important insights into the drivers of the “chief complaint,” and it hints at possible directions for restoring health.

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The Constant Conversation: Exploring the Mysteries of Cellular Communication

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New Biden COVID Task Force A Mixed Bag for Holistic Medicine

Written by Erik Goldman

The Biden-Harris administration’s new COVID-19 Advisory Board promises to bring a strong public health perspective to the nation’s pandemic response and a welcome shift away from the haphazard, willfully anti-scientific policies of the Trump administration. But it could be a thorn in the paw for the dietary supplement industry and for some practitioners of natural […]

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The Brain-Gut-Microbiota Axis: A Primer for Clinicians

Written by Erik Goldman

The brain-gut-microbiota axis provides a bidirectional route of communication between the gut microbes and the brain. The axis involves the vagus nerve, short-chain fatty acids, tryptophan, cytokines and the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis.

New evidence suggests that gut microbes are involved in neural development and function, both peripherally in the enteric nervous system and centrally in the brain.

Recent studies show marked differences in the microbiomes of patients with major depression and healthy controls. Those with depression show decreased microbial diversity. This has clinical implications.

Certain bacteria might confer positive mental health benefits.  These “psychobiotics” may influence the capacity to deal with stress, reducing anxiety.  Whether they are capable of acting like antidepressants remains to be seen.

Join renowned researcher Dr. Ted Dinan, of the University of Cork, and principal investigator at APC Microbiome, for an in depth exploration of the Brain-Gut-Microbiota axis and its potential clinical applications.

Dr. Dinan will share some of his own research, including a landmark study showing

that rats receiving fecal transplant from depressed humans developed a depressive, pro-inflammatory phenotype with alterations in corticosterone release and tryptophan metabolism. He’ll also summarize the recent clinical research, including studies of microbiota transplants from healthy subjects to patients with Parkinson’s disease may help alleviate symptoms.

Learning Objectives:

  • What is the brain-gut axis?
  • How do gut microbes communicate with the brain?
  • How is the gut microbiota altered in disorders such as depression and Parkinson’s disease?
  • What are psychobiotics/live biotherapeutics?
  • Can bacteria be used to treat stress-related disorders?

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