WEBINAR: Cannabis 101 for the Primary Care Clinician

Cannabis 101



While cannabis has  a long history of use worldwide for a variety of medical conditions, there are still many questions on how this herb—and compounds derived from it–can be incorporated into the modern primary care setting.

In this free webinar, functional medicine physician Dr. Harry McIlroy will share practical, evidence-based tips for utilizing cannabis-based medicines in contemporary practice.

 The webinar will cover:

  • The history of cannabis use for medical purposes.
  • The endocannabinoid system (ECS) and the influence of cannabis on the ECS for a variety of indications.
  • Practical tips for utilizing cannabis to address chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety.
  • The most common questions clinicians ask regarding cannabis use and how to assist patients in using cannabis as medicine.

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Harry McIlroy, MD, is an Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner in San Francisco. With extensive training in osteopathy, yoga, and meditation, Dr. McIlroy deftly integrates his deep knowledge of both Eastern and Western medicine to best serve every patient’s optimal health and vitality. Hailing from a long lineage of family physicians in the Midwest, he earned his MD degree from the University of Arizona, and opened his own Integrative Family Medicine practice in the Bay Area in 2009. His training in herbal medicine led to an interest in cannabis–the potency and complexity of which make it valuable in a wide range of treatment options and protocols. Dr. Harry enjoys utilizing his knowledge of allopathic medicine and herbal expertise to help guide patients to the most effective ways to use cannabis for health and healing.

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