WEBINAR: Advanced Nutrition for Muscle Health

Advanced Nutrition Muscle Health



Age-related muscle loss is a major public health problem in the United States, one that correlates strongly with increased rates of morbidity and mortality. 

Join Neerav Dilip Padliya, PhD, in this webinar providing an overview of the extensive pre-clinical and human clinical research on Fortetropin®, an advanced nutrition product from fertilized egg yolk, that holds great potential to address muscle loss in older adults. 

In a randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled clinical study at the University of California, Berkeley, Fortetropin® increased the rate of muscle protein synthesis by ~15% in 60-75 year old adults in 21 days. 

An earlier clinical trial involving young adults at the University of Tampa showed that subjects who consumed Fortetropin® along with moderate resistance training gained ~1.7 kg of muscle mass, versus just ~0.6 kg among those who used a macronutrient-matched placebo over the same 12-week time period.

Fortetropin® is a natural substance produced by a patented process that circumvents the use of heat during pasteurization, thus maintaining the natural bioactivity of the lipids, proteins, and peptides found in egg yolk. It has significant potential to improve muscle health in older adults. 

Dr. Padliya covers:

  • The relationship between muscle health and:
    • Longevity
    • Bone Health and Muscle-Bone Biochemical Crosstalk
    • Incidence of Falls and Fall-Related Injuries
  • Strategies for supporting muscle health in older adults using the natural product, Fortetropin® supported by human RCTs.
  • Preliminary data indicating the potential to address muscle misuse atrophy.
  • The Unilateral Leg Immobilization Model and its role in a human clinical trial currently underway to evaluate the potential of Fortetropin® to attenuate muscle disuse atrophy.

Sponsored by Physician Muscle Health Formula (powered by Fortetropin®)

Neerav Dilip Padliya is Vice President of Research Alliances at MYOS RENS Technology, Inc. Since 2013, he has managed human clinical trial programs, and exploratory preclinical programs with leading universities and contract research organizations in North America, Europe and Asia to study the impact of medical nutrition products on indications such as sarcopenia, muscle disuse atrophy, and cancer cachexia.  He currently co-manages MYOS’ Longevity Business, working closely with leading Anti-Aging Physicians across the US to leverage the extensive preclinical and human behind the advanced nutrition product, Fortetropin®. Dr. Padliya graduated with a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the State University of New York at Buffalo and has co-authored 7 peer reviewed publications.  He completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship atthe US Department of Agriculture, Beltsville, Maryland.

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