‘Tis the Season to be Mighty: Maintaining Resilience by Supporting Healthy Mitochondrial Function

Though our celebrations may look a little different this year, many people will still uphold the holiday habits of over-consuming alcoholic drinks and comfort foods, and becoming more sedentary and less active.

Though enjoyable, these lifestyle shifts–along with the return of the cold weather– can raise metabolic stress, perturb metabolic balance, add to allostatic load, and take the ‘mighty’ out of our mitochondria.

Unaddressed, these changes can have profound effects on our health and how we age.

In recent years, researchers and medical practitioners alike, have taken interest in a particular molecule known to be the master regulator of cellular metabolism — nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+).

NAD+ is a ubiquitous coenzyme involved in hundreds of metabolic processes, including: mitochondrial energy production, glycolysis, and DNA synthesis and repair. It also plays a vital role in supporting key elements of the innate immune response.

Join Dr. Chris Meletis, a naturopathic physician, educator, international author and lecturer, to review the latest peer-review literature demonstrating how bolstering the NAD metabolome with dietary precursors has great potential to help us stay resilient to metabolic stress, and over time, add health to years.

NOTE: This Presentation is Intended for Licensed Healthcare Practitioners Only

By the end of this session, attendees will be more adept at:

  • Discussing factors that contribute to metabolic stress and dysregulation of important metabolic processes.
  • Explaining how increasing NAD+ can help maintain resilience against metabolic stressors.
  • Describing the role of NAD+ in the innate immune response.
  • Sharing data on modern NAD+ precursors and how each work to boost NAD+ levels.
  • Using Niagen® nicotinamide riboside as a tool to support healthy mitochondrial function in patients.

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