Nitric Oxide: The Body’s Best Medicine

Nitric Oxide (NO) has been the topic of over 140,000 research articles.  The pinnacle of accomplishment in this field was the Nobel Prize in Medicine given to three American scientists for their work in discovering the nitric oxide pathway.  Since then, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies have been scrambling to create new products that harness the powers of this simple yet profound molecule.   

NO has been proven to improve many aspects of human health, including cardiovascular function, pain and inflammation, brain, vision, sexual health, athletic performance, healthful aging, and sleep.                   

In this webinar, natural health practitioner Jay Wilkins will discuss how the research directs us to natural interventions to boost waning NO levels. You will learn what the foremost thought leaders in this field are saying regarding reversing cardiovascular and other issues. Wilkins will answer practical clinical questions like, which pathway is best for increasing NO productions–arginine or nitrate/nitrite? 

You’ll also learn what types of supplements are best for NO support, as well a way to non-invasively track results of NO-focused interventions.   

Learning Objectives:

•           What are the health benefits of Nitric Oxide (NO)?

•           What are the experts saying?

•           Which pathway is best for supporting NO:  Arginine or nitrate?

•           What can we do nutritionally to support NO?

•           What is the best NO-boosting supplement?

•           How can you measure results?


Jay Wilkins, is a natural healthcare practitioner who has been in the health and wellness industry for more than 25 years. For over 13 years, he operated a fully staffed naturopathic clinic. Since 2005, he has shifted his practice to Nitric Oxide (NO)-based nutrition after learning about the myriad benefits this molecule, informed by the work of Furchgott, Ignarro and Murad who won the 1998 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for discovering the role of NO in cell-signalling.

Wilkins also has expertise in Pulse Wave Analysis, a non-invasive vascular screening technique that indicates arterial constriction, congestion, stiffness, and blockage.

Since 2012 Wilkins has served on several Medical Advisory Boards in the supplement manufacturing industry and created many top-selling nutraceutical formulas. In 2014, Wilkins launched his own brand, Bionox® and its flagship product: M3-Ultimate Nitric Oxide Nutrition.

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