Women's Health

Thyroid Problems Often Underlie Infertility, Pregnancy Complications

By Rhesa Napoli, Contributing Writer - Vol. 13, No. 2. Summer, 2012

Thyroid dysfunction is a well documented, but often overlooked, factor in both male and female infertility, leading to miscarriages, premature birth, fetal death, low birth weight, gestational hypertension and developmental problems for offspring. Thyroid function screening makes good sense as a standard practice during preconception planning and prenatal care.

Foul Air, Fast Rx's Fuel Childhood Obesity

By Erik Goldman
Exposure to air pollution and overuse of antibiotics may be important risk factors for childhood obesity, according to recent studies. The findings suggest that there's more to the obesity equation than excess calories & lack of exercise.

I'm Just Mad About Saffron....

By Erik Goldman

Saffron aromatherapy can produce measurable and potentially meaningful changes in young womens' hormonal chemistry, suggesting the possibility that it might be a useful remedy for PMS and dysmenorrhea.