Vitamins & Supplements

H1N1 is No Match for a Well-Primed Immune System

By Roby MitRoby Mitchell, MD | Contributing Writer chell, MD | Contributing - Vol. 10, No. 4. Winter, 2009

Maintaining the functional integrity of the innate immune complex through a vegetable-rich diet, and immune enhancing vitamins & minerals obviates the need to fret over which strain of flu virus will predominate. A competent immune system will defend against them all.

Do Calcium & Vitamin D Still Have a Place in Osteoporosis Prevention?

By Tori Hudson, ND | Contributing Writer - Vol. 7, No. 2. Summer, 2006

Recent data have caused many patients and physicians to question the value of vitamin D and calcium supplementation to prevent osteoporosis. But a closer look at the study shows that the findings are not nearly as negative as the media reported them to be. Women's Health columnist Dr. Tori Hudson believes the supplements still have a major role to play.

Surgically Significant Supplements

By Monica Scheel, MD & Michael Traub, ND - Vol. 7, No. 2. Summer, 2006

There are many misconceptions about the relative safety, risk, and efficacy of herbs and nutritional supplements for patients requiring surgery. Drs. Traub and Scheel set the record straight on Ginkgo, Vitamin E, Bromelain, Zinc and others.

Amino Acid Therapy for Autism: Quelling the Nervous System on Fire

By Erik Goldman | Editor in Chief - Vol. 7, No. 2. Summer, 2006

A brighter future awaits autistic children, as clinicians learn how to apply the tools of neurotransmitter assessment, detoxification protocols, and nutritional therapies to this increasingly common problem.

Nutrition, Natural Products and Arthritis

By Erik L. Goldman | Editor in Chief - Vol. 7, No. 1. Spring, 2006

Glucosamine and chondroitin may be the most popular natural products for treating arthritis, but they're not the only ones. Zyflamend, LitoZin, Pycnogenol and Limbrel can also provide safe, effective treatment for osteoarthritis.

Don't Worry, B Happy: Therapeutic Uses of the B Vitamins

By August West | Contributing Writer - Vol. 7, No. 2. Summer, 2006

When it comes to managing a broad range of common chronic conditions and quickly improving patients' overall sense of wellbeing, few things pack as much therapeutic punch as the B vitamins. A look at this family of friendly vitamins and how best to use them.

The GAIT Trial: Glucosamine-Chondroitin Hit Their Stride for Severe Osteoarthritis

By Jason Theodosakis, MD | Contributing Writer - Vol. 7, No. 1. Spring, 2006

Data from the long awaited Glucosamine/Chondroitin Arthritis Intervention Trial (GAIT), one of the largest nutritional supplement studies ever undertaken, shows that while this combination of natural products did not offer too much help for patients with mild arthritis, it outperformed celecoxib (Celebrex) in people with the most severe disease.

Botanical Medicine's "Shiny Horse" Rides to the Rescue of Damaged Mucous Membranes

By Janet Gulland | Contributing Writer - Vol. 7, No. 3. Fall, 2006

Named for Pegasus, the flying horse of Greek myth, Sea Buckthorn plant (Hippophae rhamnoides) has been mainstay of traditional medicine in Eastern Europe and Asia for centuries. Its orange berries are very rich in Omega 7 fatty acids as well as vitamin E and other compounds speed the healing and support the integrity of the skin and other mucous membranes. It may have an important role in treating irritable bowel syndrome and other gut problems.

Iodine Therapy Gains Favor for Thyroid Problems, Chronic Fatigue

By Staff Writer - Vol. 6, No. 4. Winter, 2005

Iodine, once a mainstay medical therapy that was largely abandoned after WWII, is experiencing something of a resurgence for treatment of thyroid problems, chronic fatigue, women's health problems, and even diabetes.

EpiCor: A New Ally for Enhancing the Immune System

By Erik L. Goldman | Editor in Chief - Vol. 7, No. 3. Fall, 2006

Originally developed as a fortifier for animal feeds, a yeast-fermentation product called EpiCor is proving highly effective in strengthening the human immune system against a whole range of common infectious pathogens. EpiCor is also very high in B vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.