Herbal Medicine

Is Marijuana a Viable Remedy for Migraines?

By Kristen Schepker, Assistant Editor

In recent years, both an upsurge in medical cannabis research and also changes in the plant’s legal status in many US states have led health practitioners and patients alike to shift their views of cannabis from goofy recreatinal drug to serious medicine. 

NY Attorney General Assails Herbal Medicine

By Erik Goldman - Vol. 16, No. 1. Spring , 2015

eric schneiderman smJust weeks after ordering big-box giants Walmart, GNC, Target, and Walgreen's to stop selling some of their "store-brand" herbal supplements, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman furthered his assault on herbal products by ordering major manufacturers to turn over data on the authenticity and purity of the products they make.

Top Herbs for Immune Support

By Kerry Bone, Contributing Writer - Vol. 13, No. 4. Winter, 2012

In the current era of increasing pathogen resistance to antibiotic drugs, there is a great need for new approaches for preventing colds, flu and other common infectious conditions. Key immune support herbs like Echinacea, Andrographis, and Astragalus can be valuable allies.