Drug Induced Nutrient Depletions (Part 1)

The medical literature and lay media have given much attention to the potential harm caused by combining dietary supplements with prescription drugs. But there has been far less hand-wringing about the risk of nutrient depletions caused by commonly used pharmaceuticals, and even less attention given to ways these depletions might be prevented or reversed through judicious supplementation.

In this and upcoming issues of Holistic Primary Care, we will try to shed light on this important topic. The table below, part of a series, identifies nutrient depletions caused by widely used cardiovascular drugs. The tables are adapted from, Laboratory Evaluations in Molecular Medicine: Nutrients, Toxicants and Cell Regulators, by J. Alexander Bralley, PhD, and Richard S. Lord, PhD, Institute for Advances in Molecular Medicine, 2001. Holistic Primary Care is grateful to Drs. Bralley and Lord, and to Metametrix Clinical Laboratory for providing this information.

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