HPC 2010 Physician Survey

Holistic Primary Care’s First Annual Physician Survey

Executive Report


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Primary Care Physicians & Holistic Medicine: Transition, Transformation, Opportunity — An Executive Report from Holistic Primary Care’s

First Annual Physicians Survey

The 30-page report is complete with graphs & charts covering everything from basic demographics & annual earnings to practice models, supplement preferences, and recreational choices.

The Executive Report answers your essential questions about:

  • Frequency of physician-patient discussions about dietary supplements, physician likelihood of recommending supplements.
  • Attitudes about the role of diet & lifestyle in clinical practice
  • Adoption of holistic modalities
  • Physician fitness indicators & personal health practices
  • Physicians’ personal supplement use
  • Why doctors do and do not sell supplements
  • New revenue streams doctors are considering
  • Comparisons between doctors identifying as “mainstream” vs “holistic”
  • Comparison of insurance-based versus non-insurance practices
  • Behavior of doctors as consumers
  • Educational interests & opportunities

Like to read a sample? Download a PDF of the first few pages.

HPC’s First Annual Physicians Survey represents the most comprehensive data set available on physician attitudes toward and experience with dietary supplements, natural products and holistic medicine. It’s the only one that includes a large number of mainstream, conventionally-trained MDs.

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