Organic Farmers Call on Fed to Stop GMO Spread

The Organic Farming Research Foundation is calling on the federal government to institute policies and practices to stop the unintentional contamination of organic farms by genetically engineered plants. Windborne pollen and seeds from genetically modified species grown on conventional farms can easily travel onto organically farmed land, contaminating the organic crops and making it difficult for organic farmers to maintain their certifications.

In a nine-point statement, the OFRF stressed that the federal government must safeguard the freedom of American farmers to grow non-GE crops “without the undue barriers, burdens, and risks caused by GE contamination.” The organization also believes organic farmers should not have to bear the costs for damages to their crops and products caused by the actions of conventional farmers growing GMO crops.

“It is a matter of fairness,” said Deirdre Birmingham, OFRF Board President. “The uncontrolled spread of GE pollen and seed is unfairly threatening to put American organic farmers out of production. Organic family farmers demand the right to farm free from GE contamination and loss of their organic markets due to GE contamination.” Read More…

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