Erik Goldman

FDA & AMA Team Up to “CMEar” Dietary Supplements

By Erik Goldman, Editor

If you want to understand why so many Americans distrust the Food and Drug Administration and the medical mainstream, look no further than the FDA’s new online medical education program on dietary supplements. Produced in collaboration with the American Medical Association, this three-part continuing medical education (CME) course—and I use that term loosely—is part of […]

It Was 20 Years Ago, Today…. Reflecting on HPC’s First Two Decades

By Erik Goldman

On October 15, 2000, the first edition of Holistic Primary Care rolled off the presses at Democrat Printing & Lithography in Little Rock, Arkansas, and into 60,000 doctors’ offices across the country. And just like that, an idea had back in 1986 had suddenly become a tangible reality, giving voice to a movement aimed at […]

The Great D-Bate: Integrative Physicians Respond to IOM’s New Vitamin D Guidelines

By Erik Goldman

The Institute of Medicine’s new Vitamin D and Calcium guidelines, released late in November, sent shockwaves through the natural health care and integrative medicine community. The IOM review committee asserted that most Americans do not need vitamin D supplements, that 600 IU/day is sufficient for maintaining healthy bones, and that there’s no firm evidence that […]

Ten Years at the Crossroad: Reflections on Holistic Primary Care’s First Decade

By Erik Goldman

From our vantage point at the crossroad where conventional and holistic/integrative medicine converge, we’ve witnessed tremendous creativity and innovation over the last ten years, as well as a fair bit of turbulence and struggle. This is all characteristic of the emergence of….dare I say it? A new paradigm. It’s an overused word, but it fits, […]

Health Care Reform Debates Reveal Sickness in Our Body Politic

By Administrator

Like a rampant autoimmune disorder, there’s a pernicious process at work in our nation’s social “tissues,” and it’s causing a lot of damage. The symptoms were readily apparent during the health care reform debates. I’m not talking about the reform plan itself. For the record, I’m not a fan of the Obama administration’s proposal or […]