Reader Challenges Outcome of Internal Cleansing

To the Editor,

I just had to write to comment on the silly pictures you included in the article, "Spring Cleaning: Internal Cleansing for Optimal Health" (Holistic Primary Care, April 15, 2003).

I found the pictures to be overly dramatic and definitely the exception rather than the rule as far as excrement composition during a cleanse!

What exactly was the purpose of the picture? To instill fear in the general public or humour in those of us educated in nutrition/parasitology? I hold an MSN from Bastyr University and previously worked in Veterinary Pathology for 13 years. I personally do a cleanse every Spring and Fall. NEVER in my entire career have I ever seen such contents released from the rectum of man or beast with the exception of a prolapse!

In the future please refrain from using such illustrations as they serve no function other than instilling fear in people already filled with this emotion.

Judy Ellenburg, MSN


Martha Volchok, AHG, co-founder of Blessed Herbs, and formulator of the Internal Cleansing Kit featured in the article replies:

Everything you saw in those pictures was very real. The only error is in the photo caption. This picture was taken by my son during his 5-day fast using our Colon Cleansing Kit, and not the Internal Cleansing Kit (although he took the Colon Cleansing Kit immediately after the Internal Cleansing Kit, which may have led to the incorrect caption).

We currently have three kits for cleansing: the 21-day Internal Cleansing Kit, the 9-day Parasite Elimination Kit, and the 5-day Colon Cleansing Kit. All three of these kits do use the same formulas for cleansing the colon, but they differ by dosage and frequency and therefore have different effects. The 21-day Internal Cleansing Kit and the 9-day Parasite Elimination Kit do remove some mucoid plaque (the amount varies from individual to individual), but it is really the 5-day kit that gets it out as shown in the picture you saw.

As to this being a rare occurrence, we find that everyone who uses the Colon Cleansing Kit sees these same results. I myself, my family, and all of our employees tried the kit prior to our having marketed it. We have received many calls from health care professionals and clients reiterating the same excitement and astonishment that we also have experienced. I myself evacuated a four foot long piece of "rubbery" mucoid plaque when I did my Colon Cleansing Kit and also took pictures of it. I can assure you this is the real thing!

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