From the Editor

Five years ago, Holistic Primary Care was little more than a dream and an 8-page prototype. Fired up with all the enthusiasm and naivete typical of a start-up, Meg and I set out to build an information bridge between conventional and "alternative" medicine, between ancient healing wisdom and modern scientific knowledge.

We encountered many challenges along the way: the attacks of Sept. 11 just a few blocks from our home-office, a faltering economy, endless shake-ups in health care, the personal and financial stresses inherent in any start-up venture.

But the struggles have been more than outweighed by the rewards, one of the greatest of which has been the opportunity to get to know many of you, and witness the kindness, care and wisdom you bring to your work as healers.

There is so much bad news about health care these days: the ruthless fracturing of the doctor-patient relationship, the debasement of the healing process from a sacred interpersonal encounter to a cold, impersonal business transaction.

How heartening it is, then, to go to conferences sponsored by the American Holistic Medical Association, the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and other groups, and find ourselves among so many warm-hearted, creative visionaries who, despite economic pressures, social and legal roadblocks, keep an unflagging dedication to healing as the highest of art forms, the most profound of sciences. You inspire us, and we are grateful for the enthusiasm, support and friendship you have shown us.

Health care, and indeed the entire social fabric of our nation, is in dire straits. Now, more than ever, we need authentic medicine based in holistic, big-picture thinking, compassionate practice, and deeply rooted wisdom. We believe holistic medicine must be the foundation of a new, better health care system. It is our profound hope that our newspaper helps you in your work as healers, and contributes in a meaningful way to the evolution of better health care.

As always, I welcome your thoughts and suggestions. You can reach me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Erratum: The article, "Natural Therapeutics for Managing Migraines" in the Summer 2005 edition, contained erroneous contact information for the MigreLief riboflavin-magnesium-feverfew product. The correct contact number is: 800-758-8746. The product is no longer available under the MigraHealth label.

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