From The Editor

When Doing the Right Thing Means Choosing the Lesser of a Few Evils

By Janet Brown - Vol. 8, No. 4. Winter, 2007

Greater eco-consciousness means making better choices about the materials we use. But sometimes, there are no clear-cut "good" substitutes for toxic materials, and the choice comes down to selecting the least impactful of available options. Case in point: compact fluorescent lightbulbs which save energy but contain mercury.

Welcome to Holistic Primary Care

By Administrator

Welcome to the premiere issue of Holistic Primary Care, a bimonthly newspaper that will bring you practical, timely, and balanced coverage of the world of holistic or "alternative" medicine, as it moves into the mainstream of modern practice.

Grassroots Efforts Drive Holistic Health Movement

By Administrator

In the last year, we've witnessed creation of a White House commission specifically charged with setting a national agenda on complementary and alternative medicine. We've seen the budget for NIH's National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) hit $70 million. Word is, the figure could top $100 million next year.

Hanging in the Balance

By Administrator

Holistic medicine encompasses an extremely diverse set of therapeutic systems and healing modalities. But one thing they all seem to share is the notion that health depends on balance between sets of opposing forces. These systems regard illnesses not so much as "things" in and of themselves, but as reflections of imbalances in the physiologic processes that make us alive.

Pressing Questions, Paltry Answers

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Good science always generates more questions than it answers. That is part of its charm. The problems arise when leaders in science fail to fully reckon with the pressing questions of the day.

Toward the Big Picture

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Medicine is now making this realization. Investigators today have extraordinary tools for plumbing the depths of matter, from tissues and cells, through genes, even down into subatomic structures. At the end of that microscopic long view we find ourselves looking at energy, codes, information patterns. In the beginning was the Word.

Lessons of September 11

By Administrator

The coming of Spring, the Season of Renewal, has a very special significance for us at Holistic Primary Care this year. With the first buds, the lengthening days, the festivals of Redemption and Resurrection, comes our first issue since the attacks of September 11.

The Codes of Life

By Administrator

Is the ancient Scriptural passage referring to the genetic code? That's debatable. But one thing is clear: the language of DNA, the Holy Writ shared by all living things, does indeed become flesh. The quaternary code of the nucleotides contains blueprints for health, as well as recipes for illness.

Questioning Medicine's Military Metaphors

By Administrator

"The Iraqis are sick people and we are the chemotherapy," US Marine Corporal Ryan Dupre told the Times of London reporter Mark Franchetti (The Times, Mar. 30, 2003) shortly after a bloody battle outside the Iraqi city of Nasiriya.